Water, sanitation and hygiene

We know that improved water, sanitation, and hygiene change everything. That’s why we’re committed to making sure these services are sustainable for the long term. Partnering with other community organizations, local leaders and communities to implement the solutions that are right for them, and then we provide the tools to make sure water, sanitation, and hygiene services last for generations to come.

What we do;

The “CONVERSATION” as a community tool strategy.

  • The importance of a Conversation; - Conversation is the centre of sociality of collective understanding and organizing. Organized talks allow people to engage with others, creates community, learn together, or simply share experiences without going any further. This also contributes to the recognition of a dialogical Approach has been significant to the practices with which communities has been connected.
  • FDP fully mobilizes communities for sensitization and train CBOs, SACCOs, VHTs, Women Groups Youth Groups and Community Leaders as community peer educators to implement the Hygiene and sanitation programs visiting homes through one-on-one outreaches under the guidance of FDP project department.
  • We partner with other stakeholder and community leaders to create awareness and distribute water Purifier and clear & clean available wells for sustainability maintenance.