The world aids day commemoration (wad) 2022

The country and indeed the entire world are currently faced with the Covid-19 pandemic that has the potential to obstruct the gains made in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

WORLD AIDS DAY (WAD) Theme 1/December/2022

‘’ Reflection. Celebration. Rejuvenation’’

Foundation for Development Partners (FDP) will be Commemorating World AIDS day at St Peters church/primary playground,Kanyanya Kawempe Division in Kampala District.

Our Slogan; ‘’Communities at forefront’’

Our Campaign; ‘’The Power of ART Industry to candle light against HIV’’

                          ‘’Donate and Support People Living with HIV’’

It is great to see how a community of artists living with HIV uses art as a medium to raise awareness and to challenge the drivers of stigma and discrimination among the wider public.

All donated money goes towards continuing our great work in championing the rights of people living with and affected by HIV and campaigning for change.

Our work is only possible because of the generosity of our supporters.

Donate and support our wold AIDS day commemoration campaign 01/12/2022

For every USD$1 donated can mobilize 8 people for HIV/AIDS awareness and Condom distribution.