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WE have fear that HIV/AIDS might become a threat again if we don’t support the PLWHIV as they undertake their day-to-day business within the Communities. As an NGO, we want to support these Vulnerable Groups;

Improving feeding and dieting (Diet according to the daily medication which has proved to have enormous side effects)

  1. Clothing (Most of the clients experience adverse skin reactions and weather conditions are not stable)
  2. Housing (Live with hope for continuity of life)
  3. Small scale income generating ventures. (They have children who give them hope for the future if educated.

We envisage undertaking the above strategies with local partners through community leadership and our ably established HIV/AIDS community systems. These are key conduits between us and the clients in the communities. As an NGO we believe that with improved livelihood, all Ugandans living with HIV/AIDS can live up to 75 years. Taken together, our program enables millions of people to be hopeful about their future.

As an NGO we have supported some PLWHIV/AIDS in communities of Uganda. We have mobilization systems already established that can reach over 600 people as our target per year. Due to limited support, we have not yet hit 40% of our target but are sourcing and applying different strategies to hit our target.

We have Competent Supervision system set up at district and community level that ensure efficient supervision and accountability for all resources.

We know that each family tree in Uganda has a person living with HIV/AIDS. Your support could be to your unknown brother, sister, and auntie and relative that is silently battling with this disease.

’ A hand that gives will always receive’’

Thank you for your interest in supporting FOUNDATIONFOR DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS and our work to free Uganda from the burden of poverty, diseases, GBV, discrimination…. There are numerous opportunities to support FOUNDATION FOR DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS depending on your area of interest. The following are typical opportunities to support FDP programmes: Supporting clinical care for patients enrolled in Government Health facilities: We ensure everyone gets free treatment and care for 7200 patients (termed as “survivors”) benefit.

We welcome donations to help us to; to support People Living with HIV/AIDS with the Program ‘MY EYES CAN’ and Fistula Young Mothers to empower them in the Program ‘YOUR HOME’ acquire home necessities, drugs and economic empowerment start-up kit. Again we call upon all well-wishers to be part of Foundation for development partners, People living with HIV/AIDS to donate with the purpose of helping 600 PLWHA as our Targeted Very year.