Fdevp Ongoing Campaign/Projects

Our Ongoing Campaign/Projects; (A) Donate and support PLWHIV, we can change the lives of a number of HIV/AIDS Sufferers, but we can do more, with your support, we will; which ends 1/12/2022.

  • A ‘’ care package’’ for PLWHIV, annually we have 3 quarters, each quarter 4months, each quarter 200 beneficiaries. Distribute Nutrition food and beverages (Posho, Rice, Beans) Sugar, Soap, cooking oil, Clothes/Blanket, hygiene products.

 Each quarter one person costs= $32 U.S. Dollar. Each quarter costs =$ 6,469.


Your Donation helps us continue our work

We’re ending new HIV transmission by 2030 and challenging stigma and discrimination

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Thank You for raising vital funds to stop new HIV transmissions, end stigma, discrimination and for helping to raise awareness of HIV.

Your donation will help create a society in which people living with or at risk HIV feel empowered to fight for their rights and are treated with compassion, dignity, respect and equity so they can claim their rights to health services and support.

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The people living with HIV are facing shortages and their families have been displaced your donation with help save lives. Although sufferers now have access to Anti-retroviral drugs they often don’t have enough food to counteract the side effects and guarantee the effectiveness of the medication.

Help us empower vulnerable people living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda by providing them the support they need to build livelihoods, transport for health referrals, access good nutrition and overcome the challenges of living with this disease.

Social Change Communication; with the help of your support 1,580 Free T-shirts is to be mobilised and distributed for Wold AIDS day Commemoration event 1/12/2022.

This is strategic use of Advocacy Communication and social Mobilization to facilitate and accelerate systematic change in the Underlying determinants of HIV risk, Vulnerability and impact. Through 1,580 free printed T-Shirts distribution carrying HIV/AIDS Messages and Donors, Well-wishers and Cooperate companies’ information.

Therefore, the cost of one piece of T-shirt will cost   = USD $ 6