Family Engagement in Schools

Learning Framework for Early Childhood years 3-6

The Framework is outcomes and competence based. It focuses on results rather than on goals, aims and objectives. This guide puts great emphasis on observable and measurable skills, knowledge and values to be acquired by the children in the following areas;

  • Personality and emotional relationship
  • Communication, Language and literacy
  • Problem-Solving and mathematical concepts
  • Knowing and understanding of the world
  • Physical development
  • Creative development

The Learning Framework condemns examinations that are given to young children. Great emphasis is put on Continuous Assessment.

The production of the learning Framework for ECD by (NCDC) National Curriculum Development Centre is a major breakthrough for ECD and great encouragement for all stakeholders especially committed to this education sector.

It has been designed to allow every Ugandan child to enjoy the right to development whether at home, at a formal or a semi-formal or pre-school. For effective implementation the Framework was translated into Kiswahili and 16 local Languages namely;

  • Runyankole/Rukiga, Runyoro/Rutoro,Alur,Acholi, Nagaramajongo,Ateso,Lango

Dhapodhola, Lubwisi, Lukonzo, Luganda, Lugbarati, Kumam, Lusoga, Pokot and Lebthu.

What we do

  • The program role is to effectively advocate for young children and champion for quality outcomes in early childhood education and care.
  • Early Childhood Development and Education draws on the broad experiences and expertise of our members in our advocacy work. We take a strong evidence based approach to advocacy and conduct and commission research and reviews to inform our rigorous position on policy matters.