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Our Approaches

Community Engagement

Through our specific community mobilization strategies, we help Communities provide their people with the care they need, where they need it using Available Resources and Communities should be involved in all aspects of the health care available to them from the way health services are designed and delivered to how they’re managed and overseen. That’s why we advocate for communities to help choose and support their community health workers, for linking paid frontline workers with community volunteers.

Our key approaches include:
  • Engaging community leaders, religious leaders, and other influencers to promote health services and behavior change through forming community partnerships to define and monitor the quality of health services.
  • Using service outreach models such as our male circumcision campaigns and mobile family planning services to reach clients at the community level and set up partnership with mentor mothers, lay health workers, and others through client engagement models that help deliver essential services.

Education & Performance

We know that health workers perform their best when they’re confident in their skills, when their training is up to date, and when they have access to the information and technology they need to stay current.

Our key approaches include:

Advocating to address gender discrimination in health workforce development and performance-based learning that connects education and training to specific competencies to support health professional school leaders to assess and address management issues, identify cost efficiencies, monitor and sustain improvements

Private-Sector Engagement Approach.

As we improve health and wellbeing around the world together, partnering with corporations and organizations around to effect the greatest and most sustainable change possible, community level relationships and in-depth knowledge of health workforce issues to work with our partners’ diverse areas of expertise, we achieve far greater shared results, often in new and creative ways.

Economic strengthening Approach.

With communities observation assessment based, Foundation for Development Partners came up with a package of support leading communities towards economic stabilization. Services include, urgent supports from the OVC budget, savings groups, agricultural innovation, business development, entrepreneur skills, financial literacy, planning and management of income generating activities and specific nutrition/food security supports for Children Living with HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS Strategies and Counseling Skills

Diagnosis of HIV/AIDS via early testing along with pretest and post-test counseling is important for psychosocial stabilization and stigmatization. Risk reduction counseling as a preventive counseling method is equally important in high-risk individuals such as adolescents, female sex workers, men, substance abusers and in gay and bisexual population.


How to Support

Thank you for your interest in supporting FOUNDATIONFOR DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS and our work to free Uganda from the burden of poverty, diseases, GBV, discrimination…. There are numerous opportunities to support FOUNDATION FOR DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS depending on your area of interest. The following are typical opportunities to support FDP programmes: Supporting clinical care for patients enrolled in Government Health facilities: We ensure everyone gets free treatment and care for 7200 patients (termed as “survivors”) benefit. We welcome donations to help us to; to support People Living with HIV/AIDS with the Program ‘MY EYES CAN’ and Fistula Young Mothers to empower them in the Program ‘YOUR HOME’ acquire home necessities, drugs and economic empowerment startup kit. Again we call upon all well-wishers to be part of Foundation for development partners, People living with HIV/AIDS to donate with the purpose of helping 520 PLWHA as our Targeted Number
Also we target to distribute 6,200,000 male and 30,000 female condoms,to create HIV awareness & sensitizition through information,education and communication distribution printed on 8,000 T-Shirts from different companies and wellwishers in the period of 6 months