Adolescents/Youth and Children

  1. Adolescents
  2. Young people (17 – 24 age

More than half of the Country’s population is under 24. Most live in the poorest communities, where the leading cause of death for girls 15-19 nationally is complication in pregnancy and childbirth. Over 600,000 adolescents need contraception but don’t have it. Over 600,000 young people need accurate, unbiased information and health care free from judgment we are making sure they get it. We believe sexual and reproductive health care is essential for young people to realize their full potential. Their lives depend on it. Wherever the need is most urgent, our programs ensure young people can make their own decisions about their bodies and choose their own strategies forward.

We ensure children, adolescents and youth, especially the most vulnerable, receive the support and services necessary to lead resilient, healthy, and productive lives.

The program addresses the mutually reinforcing relationship between improving learning outcomes and improving wellbeing and employ a comprehensive approach that merges Uganda’s OVC strengths in acute vulnerability stabilization aimed to contribute to Uganda’s 95 95 95 epidemic control and social resilience goals with education's broad protective effects.

What We Do

  • Empower adolescents and youth to make their own decisions and to have improved learning outcomes with safe and healthy community learning environment.
  • Youth practice positive behaviours by strengthen health services and are able to make informed decisions about their lives  relationships, sexual and reproductive health care and long-acting contraceptives methods without judgement.
  • Partner with young people to develop new and creative behaviour change strategies and to advocates to foster supportive policies that promotes their health and rights.