Developing a Minimum Viable Experience vs Traditional MVP

A Minimum Viable Product is the definition of a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers and provide feedback for future development. I believe every MVP must have a relevant MVE. Without paying attention to the core elements of MVE, brands have nothing to motivate customers to choose their products. MVE believes in product management teams that the experience is what customers need. This is because they already understand what the product can do according to the experience of previous users. A minimum viable product is a launch version of a product with an elementary set of features to gain customers with the least effort while learning about their needs.

Two rings from the final automated prompt and a cheery salesperson picked up. Your MVP might just be a beautiful handbag. But for your MVE, you might have to invest hundreds and thousands of dollars into your retail location to meet the experience expectations of your audience. As an entrepreneur, you’re never going to be satisfied with your product.

minimum viable experience

You need to invest the minimum amount of effort possible into learning if something is your fit or not. In this post we’ve introduced a number of new ideas, most importantly building from the accepted concept of an Minimum Viable Product to Minimum Viable Footprint to Minimum Viable Experience. This represents a spectrum of solutions an innovator delivers. Also important is Minimum Viable Transformation , the transition that the innovator themselves must undertake in order to fully deliver the MVE. In the next series of posts we’ll go a bit deeper into some of these ideas.

For any Process Design specialist adopting this model, the question is “Am I designing a process that meets the minimum viable experience I want the customer to receive?”. This enables you to look at Value Adding and Value Enabling processes that is required to deliver the minimum experience. Then you can look at the systems enabling that process so that the system build team can focus on what features align to MVE and MVP. This is where Minimum Viable Experience enters the picture.

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An MVE will work with any customer group as it delivers real capability. An MVE will enhance the business brand equity by establishing the brand as having considered their customers overall experience as the highest priority. Quantitative data may feel good to look at on a spreadsheet, butqualitative data is just as important.

minimum viable experience

But you can test what works and what doesn’t work for you as an individual. For someone, being vegetarian is the optimal diet. You can only try vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian, paleo and other verified diets until you find the one that suits you best. It doesn’t make sense to only read about it or argue about it, you have to try it for yourself and see.


Additionally if it is a customers first experience it can provide a negative brand experience, that is not given a chance to be fixed in latter developments as the customer gave the product one chance to impress. In a previous post, I suggested that it would be useful for entrepreneurs to think of their MVP as less of a product and more like a probe. In psychology research, the word “probe” is used to describe artifacts, instruments, or anything else that facilitates an investigation. I’m going to take that suggestion a step further and say you don’t really need to build anything at all!

  • A new feature in an application may be provided in an existing system or can be stand alone.
  • It allows early-stage companies to launch an economical basic product quickly.
  • Design experiences tailored to your citizens, constituents, internal customers and employees.
  • There are so many opportunities to create intangible value and subtle expectations that we can fulfil by being more empathetic and without spending a cent.
  • Creating that connection is what big brands like Coke spend vast sums on.
  • Ask a small segment of your audience if they’d buy the product you intend to build.

We must be brave enough to commit to generating business benefit by helping people live better lives, set better goals, and make better choices through their engagement with the products and services we are designing. We need in parallel to refine the business, operating and technology models that will allow the service to run as a profitable business. This is the place where Service Design, Agile, and Lean meet, where research and insight through co-creation meet rapid software development and systems efficiency initiatives. This means working with the people who will deliver the service experience over time — they will also have their behaviour changed and will need to play a central role in this approach. is like a fill stack effort.

The Difference: Prototype vs MVP

It doesn’t have to be epic from the beginning. This is because you don’t need to mess around with backwards-compatibility hacks or polyfills. Minimum Viable Experience is the minimum all-round experience that your company gives a customer. It includes everything from marketing and customer support, to the product itself.

For anything to be viable it needs to be capable of surviving. This isn’t a minor semantic quibble, it’s a key concept which defines the purpose of the artifact. An MVP is a product release which is intended to become commercially successful. Sure, it may fail to get there, even products released by the big guys with tons of support fail commercially sometimes. Today, we’re going to present another approach to MVP — minimum viable experience, or MVE. We think that MVE is a better way to take new products and services to market, and we think it might the approach for you.

Company Identity and Brand Positioning

I’ve come across new ideas and learnt to improve existing ways to become more motivated, confident and happier. MVP, Minimum Viable Product, focus on if this product or feature solves the problem/fills the need. So, your MVP, in this case, might not be a motorhome at all, but rather a van with a bed in the back. As you mvp meaning in relationship put your product into the market, you get feedback much faster than traditional product development, which in turn makes each iteration better and better. You have all been dutifully instructed to “fall in love with the problem, not the solution.” A lot of ink has been spent making sure you do your customer research.

minimum viable experience

There are many ideas for testing and comparing your assumptions to actual market needs ; the point is that you don’t fully commit and put all eggs in one basket based just on your ego and what you believe is true. Because at the end, the market always wins in business, no matter what your beliefs are. Though journey is the key input to the process, but process itself creates a fusion between customer objective model and user stories in the product backlog.

Minimum viable product (MVP): Solid base for launching a successful product

They commit to wrong jobs, wrong people, wrong diets and wrong investments. An MVP doesn’t only save you a lot of money and energy before getting a market response and prevents you from failing big, it can also help you avoid becoming a zombie company. A zombie company is a company that finds itself in a situation where there’s no death, no growth, no progress and no moving ahead.

ProDev Solution, a software development agency in Florida –

ProDev Solution, a software development agency in Florida.

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Customers today have enough disconnected, discrete, disparate products. They no longer want to work to make these products, services and business models fit together. Instead, they expect more integrated, seamless solutions and experiences. If we can accept that innovation in the future must be more than a discrete product, then the “MVP” concept is becoming rapidly dated as it deals specifically with a product alone. It does not tackle the wider systems we believe are emerging.

Design Changes Behaviour

Instead of calling it Minimum Viable Product, let’s call it Minimum Viable Experience. The idea is that you try as many things as possible in life , and based on your physical, emotional and intellectual response, you decide whether you should keep something in your life or pivot to something else.

Stories and features may make good MVX, but don’t become sustainable businesses or growth engines. But at one point, when you find the right thing, the right person, when you find your fit, you should commit. Because when you find your fit, you know that this is exactly what you want and if you really want something, you’ll find a way; if you don’t, you’ll find an excuse. An MVP in this case would be to execute a small project in your free time or do some additional work as a sole proprietor or whatever, just to learn about the industry and the new career you want to undertake.

You determine product-market fit fast and efficiently. Thereafter, you can launch with confidence because you have validated your product. You validate the product’s potential through customer feedback. You launch with minimum risk because you know you’ve made what people want. It allows early-stage companies to launch an economical basic product quickly.

What is a minimum

I love my children more than anything in this world but realize nothing loves me more than my eldest dog Sigyn. Now I’m becoming a part-time soccer coach for Max so he’s able to continue playing with his amazing friends. Customers make decisions about which products or services to buy based on several factors. The product’s features need to be able to solve specific problems for the user persona. But even a product capable of solving those problems can fail to find a market if it does not also create a positive user experience. In product management, “minimum viable” refers to something the team believes it can release to the market to gain useful feedback.

In the lean startup philosophy, that’s also called testing your hypothesis with an MVP . New digital brands and startups can use an MVE to measure their overall success in product management, customer service, and marketing. What would a minimum viable experience look like for a Ford customer in the future?

V1 is just a podcast player, with one or two cool features thrown in to make it unique compared to the other tools on the market. If you’re getting into the coffee business, the first step is to brew a great cup of coffee. Follow the guidance of your audience meticulously. Add all the features they long for and then some. Turn the MVP into a remarkable, well-rounded product with an impressive array of features. Make fine adjustments to the product or service until it’s fully developed.

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