Foundation for Development Partners (FDP) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization(registration no.3401, File No: MIA/NB/2015/12/317 under the 2016 cap under 113 of the laws of Uganda) with as a Health Institution with locally led, community-driven programs, we support communities to make their own health decisions.

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Our Target Groups

Key Population

With plans to end HIV/AIDS in Uganda by 2030, the institution targets.

Target groups include;

  • Sex workers
  • LGTB
  • Male clients of Female sex workers

People Living With HIV/AIDS

Our intervention provides basic service information and outlines the role of PLWH network leaders as a means of contributing to the reduction of ill health and the number of deaths related to HIV/AIDS..

Target groups include;

  • HIV positive patients
  • Orphans and Vulnerable Children
  • Adolescents and Young youths
  • Women and Girl Child
  • Widows
  • Elderly
  • Men

Adolescents/Youth and Children

We ensure children, adolescents and youth, especially the most vulnerable, receive the support and services necessary to lead resilient, healthy, and productive lives.

Target groups include;

  • Adolescents
  • Young people 17 – 24 age

Our Programs

HIV/AIDS Management Program

  • HIV/AIDS prevention and control awareness.
  • HIV/AIDS testing and counselling.
  • STI/STD diagnosis and treatment.
  • Promote Development Partner activities & centres for referrals.
  • Distribute IEC materials.

Health Management

  • Promoting proper hygiene and Sanitation.
  • Proper Nutrition for mothers and children.
  • Improving awareness about reproductive health knowledge like; the importance of antenatal and post-natal care, cervical and breast cancer.
  • Referral system for easy access to health care Community sensitization on Reproductive health/FP & Maternal Health.

Income Improvement and Economic strengthening

  • Developing technical income generating skills.
  • Mobilize, organize, empower and engage community leaders into the direct management of the development, health promotion & poverty eradication projects as stake holders establishing markets for the products developed.
  • Establishing savings and credit system.
  • Linking clients to other programs/ service providers.


  • Strengthen AIDS response in Uganda.
  • Address the need to protect HIV positive persons.

Up Coming Event

Foundation for Development Partners (FDP) will be Commemorating World AIDS day at St Peters church/primary playground,Kanyanya Kawempe Division in Kampala District.

‘’Donate and Support People Living with HIV’’